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Good One! I will bet a few of those kids wet themselves during that escape from the bowels of the devil!

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I think this was probably filmed in Mexico.

My current job required 2 months of training, some of it in San Diego. One of my coworkers was a female Mexican immigrant; green card...... served in the US Army...... She and I went into Mexico one weekend, and even in "old town" San Diego. One of the things I noticed about their culture, were the skeletons. I asked her about them, and she explained that there are holidays when they memorialize their dead ancestors, and a lot of the momento type of things are skeletons commerating their ancestors; that is what made me ask her about them. Not that I disagree with it, but I found it interesting to see so many souvenirs that were basically skeletons. To a European-American lke me, it seemed more like halloween.

As a European-American, if a skeleton was riding down the street asking for a cigarette or directions, I would immediately realize it was a joke, and hopefully have the presence of mind to play along. To a Mexican who is used to skeletons as a memorial, it may be different.

It is a FUNNY video.
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