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Gun is in excellent condition

Made in 1912

Two mags appear to be original

No chips, sratches, pitting, spotting or flaws... and very limited holster wear

$1400 shipped to you (if you have C&R and permitted by your state) else shipped to your FFL

PM me if you want more closeup pictures

If you want this or have questions... PM me and I'll give you my name, address and phone number.

We can get your questions answered and discuss, by phone or zoom or however you wish, to make the deal should you want this collectable Colt (payment, shipping, insurance, etc)

Thanks for looking.

This is one gun I wanted to sell directly and did not take to the auction house.

Gun barrel Wood Trigger Gun accessory Metal

Wood Rectangle Gun barrel Air gun Trigger

Wood Trigger Material property Gun barrel Font

Hand tool Wood Tool Sculpture Art

Wood Gun barrel Everyday carry Gun accessory Rectangle

Hand Finger Everyday carry Revolver Musical instrument accessory
Household hardware Bicycle part Gas Auto part Carbon

Automotive lighting Window Wood Automotive tire Camera lens
Bottle Finger Cone Liquid Electric blue
Cylinder Bicycle part Nickel Rim Composite material
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
Not open for further replies.