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I ordered some mag springs to be sent to Iraq. The nephew of a high school classmate is very involved (as a captain) in training the Iraqi police. He asked me if I could do something to help, so I got on the internet and ordered the pack of 10 springs from Wolff. $47.99 plus shipping. Anyway, the VP of the company emailed me back and said thanks for helping out in Iraq. He has a son that recently returned from Iraq and ran into the same problems with his M9. The VP of Wolff reduced the cost of the magazines from retail to a LE account (like 25% off my credit card) and said they would ship today!!

Buy Wolff Springs I say.

Here is the email....

Dear Mr. XXXXX,

Thank you for your order. We will process the order and ship the Beretta mag springs out today via USPS priority mail. We set the account up as a law enforcement account which reduces the price of the mag springs from $47.99 to $31.99.

We have been supplying our extra power Beretta mag springs to our military in OIF since we entered Iraq and this is not an uncommon request. The standard Beretta mag spring begins to have problems as it encounters the fine sand and grit in the area. Our +10% extra power springs overcome that additional friction making the pistol functional. My son was also an MP (Air Force) and he too used our Beretta mag springs in his M9 during his four deployments to Iraq.

On a personal note, as the father of a son who has been deployed to Iraq, I commended and thank you for your efforts and support or our troops. Our guys are doing a terrific job under very difficult and extremely dangerous situations. They need all the support as well as prayers that we can offer.

Kind Regards,
John Andrews
Wolff Gunsprings

[email protected]
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