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Wisconsin Now Honors DE, DC, FL, OK and RI.

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Wisconsin has added Delaware, District of Columbia and Rhode Island to the list of state it will honor. They also added Florida, Louisiana and Oklahoma but with some restrictions.

Florida license ISSUED OR RENEWED ON OR AFTER 08/01/2013. Wisconsin DOES NOT recognize Florida licenses issued with the prefixes of W, WJ, WR, WX or WY.

Louisiana license ISSUED OR RENEWED ON OR AFTER 03/09/2015

Oklahoma license ISSUED OR RENEWED ON OR AFTER 10/01/2018.

Wisconsin had listed Louisiana as a state they honored without any restrictions but now puts a restriction as listed above on Louisiana.

Wisconsin has some rules about how states they honor must do back ground checks etc and that is why they have restrictions on some states they honor. I am not sure of all the criteria Wisconsin applies to other states. You can see the complete listing of the states Wisconsin honors and the 8 states that have restrictions on what permit/licenses from those states they honor at

I believe Florida will add Wisconsin as a state they honor in the near future. Florida will honor any state that honors them but then again they don’t honor all Florida permits. Not honoring certain permits with certain prefixes is something I have not seen in my 24+ years of doing this and not sure if this will affect Florida honoring Wisconsin.

It will be after the weekend before I get the site updated. Those restrictions cause me a lot of work and it is the weekend!!!!
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I am hearing that Florida Licenses with the prefix W, WJ, WR, WX or WY are licenses that are issued to civilians. Looks like the only Florida license that Wisconsin will honor is a license issued to Law Enforcement Officers or other groups association with security. I believe that with those restrictions Florida will not honor the Wisconsin permit. Things are getting more and more complicated when it comes to who honors who and so forth.

Our problem at is we try to report the facts as put out by the states and their statutes/admin rules. The states keep making it more and more difficult for us to know and understand the rules which keep multiplying by factors of 10. We have difficulty keeping up with them so how is the average man going to keep up with them?
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