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Related to this question, I am trying to understand the Winchester Super X family better. For this purpose, the following questions:

1. Is it accurate to say that the current
  • Winchester Super X3
  • Winchester Super X4
  • Winchester Super X Pump
models and their sub-variations are all derivatives of the original Winchester Super X semi-automatic shotgun, introduced in 1974?

2. Is it accurate to say that the Winchester Super X family consitutes the overwhelming majority of Winchester shotguns produced and sold today?
Apparently the only other Winchester shotgun sold today is the Model 101... but I don't know, maybe it is way more popular and does constitute 90% of sales?!

3. How does the Winchester Super X rifle fit in here? What is the reason to give it the same model name as the shotguns?

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my understanding is the super x 3 and 4 are more related to the Browning Gold series than any previous Winchester series......including the 1400 and orginial super it happens, both browning and winchester are tied at the hip thru FN.

i have a sxp sure resembles the old winchester 1300 pump sxp riot gun is also a re-brand gun......its a winchester product but made in Turkey to winchesters specs....and it is a good and decent riot gun.
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