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Winchester Model 1894 Golden Spike Edition 30-30 1968

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My Dad got me a Winchester M1894 Commemorative Golden Spike Edition in a 30-30 for Christmas. The gun was produced in 1968 and sold in 1969. does anyone have any experience with this rifle and can give some feedback regarding reliability, accuracy, and what not? I know it's a post '64 model and the quality of the rifles have had their respective up's and down's since 1964 so I was hoping for some feedback. I don't need to know the value of the rifle because I don't plan on selling it or keeping it in a box. Hogs have to die somehow and by God this rifle will do it!
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I don't know anything about your rifle, but there are a few folks around here that will be able to answer your questions.
I'm happy that you plan to use the 30-30, and you're correct. It will bring down a hog!
Good shooting. :thumbsup:
If the rifle was "old stock, new" meaning never fired, I wouldn't shoot it, but get a different rifle for hogs.

If the rifle was used, have an experienced gunsmith check it over, then take it to the range and run a hundred or so rounds through it, to see if there are any "hiccups".
Kinda fancy but it'll do just fine for most North American game animals.

NIB its worth about $300.00.
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