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We here in Texas remember it.
It was the catalyst for us getting carry laws passed.
I carry 100% of the time. My wife does not want to.
Therefore I find myself having to go with her to places I would not normally want to. Girl stuff. shopping.
I think she does this on purpose so I can hold her purse.
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I did my grocery shopping at Walmart today, I was hyper aware of who was around me, and as I was pushing my basket toward the door, I looked outside for a nut bag.
What happened to the bag the nuts were in, when you took them off the shelf?
Haven't been to Wally World in over two months. We did shop in Lowes Lumber, and Food Lion today, both of us open carrying. In Lowes we had a few people thank us in light of what happened in Texas.

We don't shop in Walmart because Food Lion, and Piggly Wiggly have better quality produce, and meat. We use Lowes for what we can since they give us a 10% veterans discount. Walmart also has few of their registers open, and soon will go to self checkouts which I find unacceptable.
I love the self checkout, usually no line just scan your stuff, pay and go. We have Walmart, Winn Dixie, and Publix. Publix is where the wealthy hot women go, Winn Dixie is where the semi wealthy old people go, and us poor people go to Walmart. I only eat what's frozen in a box, although now there's food in a box on the shelf, not sure what the hell that stuff is, tastes ok though. So no quality food here, just stayin alive.
I always carry. The one time I don't, will be the one time I need a gun.
What happened to the bag the nuts were in, when you took them off the shelf?
My wife got the bag with the nuts in them.
She lets me play with them once a month
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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