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Are you talking about airsoft?

If so I got a good reason why.

They basically made airsoft for those who cannot purchase weapons because they are not old enough. Some how some way, these older people started seeing that these are actually "cool" to have and you cannot really get in trouble for having them. Then they started making these weapons a LOT more powerful such as gad airsoft weapons. The only thing I dislike about these plastic weapons is that they can be very distracting to our police and sheriff. I also see at least one person come in my gun store while im there asking about these weapons. Totally fake and pointless in my world, but for others its a great hobby to have.

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I love toy guns, had a lot of the old cowboy sixguns that used caps during my years as a youngster.

Today things are a lot different. A lot more violence in the inner cities and toy guns are hard to distingish from real guns. They are made to look like real guns.

It is my humble opinion that toy guns need to appear to be toy guns to prevent the police from shooting a teen or preteen that has one and is playing the death by cop game. Paint them all pink for all I care but make sure they can be identified as a toy.

It is sad when young folks are killed by the police due to a inability to identify whether a weapon is real or not in an emergency situation.
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