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git_r_done said:
I have plenty of loaded guns in the house (in my bedroom) and my kids know better than to touch them. They both also have thier own guns that they get to shoot quite often. They also know that pretty much anytime we go anywhere that I have a gun on my person.

Both of my kids have been raised with guns in the house and have been taught how and when to use them.

I have tested them in the past (and still do on accation) by leaving a unloaded gun on the kitchen table or some other spot that they have easy access too (I am always to were I can see but they do not know that I am watching) and they do not even pay it any attention!

To them a gun is just another part of life that happens to be there like a chair in the dinning room.

If more kids were brought up this way there would be far less accidents with guns involeing kids!

Amen to that!

:cool: -Well we could draw this thread WAY out, on the advisability of having LOADED firearms when KIDS are around-especially, unchaperoned, BUT--

--All my kids are gone and grandkids not in my house yet--SO !!!!

--I keep my old duty gp100 loaded and in its holster right at my side bed stand, a Mossberg 5oo loaded with 12ga steel #6 behind my front door, 00 buck and slugs are a little extreme in my neighborhood--

-- :-B-: --JIMBO
61 - 62 of 62 Posts
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