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Right now I just have the basics. I bought a cheap fishing tackle box and keep my cleaning supplies in it. The fold out tray designed to hold lures is the perfect size to hold brushes, jigs and patch pullers.

Here are the items that I have. I'm sure I'll forget some.

~Hoppes cleaning kit (.22)
~.45 brass brush
~9mm brass brush
~Cleaning solvents (Hoppes, Remington, CLP)
~Oils and lubricants (Hoppes, Remington, CLP)
~Remington gun cleaning mat
~Bore light
~Nylon and brass double-ended brushes
~Cloth rags
~Lots of extra patches

That's all I can think of right now. Next on my list is an Otis cleaning kit. After watching a video about them I can see how useful and worthwhile they are.

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A bunch of stuff that has been around for years. I keep saying I am going to throw it in the garbage and buy a good outfit but I never due. :rolleyes:

Most everything- My sons bought me a whiz bang kit in an aluminum case for last Christmas.
The only things I supplement are Break Free and Hoppe's #9.

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Don't even know all the stuff. But some of it that I have I never have used. Don't know why I just don't throw that unused stuff away.


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I got one of those all in one kits from Walmart. Can't remember the brand.

.50 cal chamber and bore brush.
.308 chamber and bore brush.
.223 chamber and bore brush.
.22 Bore brush.
.45 Bore brush.
.40 Bore brush.
.357 Bore brush.
Three sets of cleaning rods. One set for rifle one for pistol and one for big bore.
CLP. Lots of CLP.
A bore snake.
Lots of patches.

I have a few other kits that have mix and matched items. But the one above is the most complete.
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