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What % of mass-shootings are linked to non-binary/transgender people?

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So here’s something I’ve been struggling to find lately.. I’ve been hearing about and I’m sure most of you have been hearing about all of the mass-shootings that have been happening in the news lately.. and it seems as if ‘white cis men’ are to blame for the majority of these mass-shootings.

Now, I’m very skeptical of this, because I know how the media love to spin things but I can hardly find anything to suggest otherwise.

So, here’s what I need help with.. backed up with statistics and evidence.. how many people that identify as ‘white cis men’ are to blame for mass shootings that have occurred recently and over the past few years compared to trans/non-binary people? And are white men to blame for the majority of mass-shootings or is this completely false?

I would just like to find an answer to this once and for all.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
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The largest spike in gang related shootings happened in the 90’s with the rise of gangster rap. Promoted by record labels. Sensationalized by clubs and radio stations. Directed at kids (I know, I was in my late teens and early 20’s during that era). While it has tapered off, it’s still going strong. Poverty driven by the highest level of single motherhood (black women at 76% last I checked) and lowest rate of high school graduates (black males at ~50% last I checked), coupled with dangerous streets in democrat cities keep it alive. That is a complex circular problem that no gun control and no level of background checks are going to solve. The only way to solve this problem is bringing value back to the nuclear family as a social norm.
Back in that day when I was young and dumb I was in the drug scene for a little bit. I had several friends who were dealers and made trips to NYC to get their stuff. You could buy it down there in bulk for about 1/3 of the price you brought it back and sold it for. I went along on a few trips with a fist full of cash so I could get discount prices. I was put in some very dangerous situations. The worst was going into a high rise project building in the Bronx about 8 floors up and you had to walk because the elevators were broke. It was run like a drug store, one customer at a time. There was literally a line of a dozen people and a guy at the door with a sawed off double and several people inside all holding guns. One went in at a time and they had anything you wanted in quantity. Just getting back to your car was a huge sigh of relief. This was probably 1989-1990. Not the best places to be for a white boy.
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