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Recently bought a used SIG 229 (9mm version). It had obviously had a good number of rounds through it and although it shows no indication of actual abuse, it wasn't exactly the best cleaned/maintained gun I've ever handled.

But I'll tell you this. I REALLY want to know what lube the previous owner used. The outside of the barrel, inside of the slide, and the rails, all felt unbelievably slick though there was no indication of wet-lube or grease still present.

I detail cleaned the gun with my usual mix of hot water and simple green and it definitely stripped all the grease and crud and such off the parts...and the barrel and so on still felt greasy slick like cooking oil on wax paper!

I've used a few different lubes including hoppes and Breakfree CLP and I've just never felt anything like this. Does anyone have any idea what might have been used because it makes the lubricating properties of Breakfree look absolutely pathetic!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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