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What is the largest gun you have used as a concealed carry

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Well, my was a BFR 7.5" .500 S&W magnum in a shoulder rig under an oiled western duster. Along with a 9mm Kimber micro in my front pocket. It was actually comfortable as I designed the shoulder to fit me.
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Minnesota Resident
I almost feel that I and others in my region have somewhat of a unfair advantage as far as our choices of CCW can be.
At least for what amounts to be around nine Months out of the year anyways.
This being said, I can easily carry Big and Small Bore or anything in between without printing
H&K VP9sk
Yep, I carry the full sized VP9. I like it!
At one time when I was younger I carried a short barreled S&W .44 Mag. Just too much weight!
Yep, I carry the full sized VP9. I like it!
very nice! What is your holster of choice for the VP9?
41 - 45 of 45 Posts