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So I recently remembered a firearm type that I encountered in Korea.

I've never seen anything like it before.

Basically, it looked like a revolver and could hold 5 shells in the cylinder. I'm not sure what caliber it was though. I'd guess .44 magnum would be the closest. But the thing is, the bullets weren't actually bullets. Sure, they looked like them, but upon close inspection, you'd see that at the end where was a small hole filled with some kind of black, tar like material and the bullet didn't separate from the case.

If you looked down the barrel of the revolver, the opening space at the muzzle was normal, but it would cone into a small pin hole that was roughly the same size as the one on the tip of the bullets.

Any idea on what they are? I remember there being lots of dust on them, and the frame was slightly sticky upon touching. Also, I couldn't figure out how to cock the hammer since there was a safety of some sort (I'm assuming, cause I couldn't find the safety either).
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