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What guns did you "almost" take home today?

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I stopped at my favorite LGS (to pick up proceeds from the consignment sale of a M16A1 I had built)... And "almost" brought these three home but I stifled the impulse! (Which is unusual for me)

A H&R top-break Model 925 .38spl top break from sometime 1964-72. I had never seen one before nor heard of this model. Was in great shape, priced at $225 and looked just like this
Air gun Wood Gun barrel Wood stain Everyday carry

A Bersa BP9CC. This gun has a great trigger and reset and is thin and easy to carry (I had one before and sold it). Priced right at $220 it was the FDE model. It looked like this one.

Trigger Air gun Gun barrel Gun accessory Metal

A novelty gun priced at $300... The lifeguard .22lr credit card size (but thicker) single shot

Material property Font Composite material Electronics accessory Fashion accessory

I didn't being any of them home... But came close!

What guns did you "almost" acquire recently, but didn't?
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I keep,saying I’m done buying but then I get an itch. Recently I’ve gotten into playing with the AR’s. I just built my first kit and now I’m starting to up grade and paint it. After I set it up with an optic, I think I’m going to ether build another one or upgrade my M&P 15 with a trigger…..maybe both.
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