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What do you conceal carry

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I carry a glock 23 almost 365 days out of the year. I dont think I have change carry weapons except for a couple times when I have to go somewhere I need to deep conceal my weapon. I usually switch to the kel-tec so I know I wont have a problem concealing it.
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#1 gun is my Kahr MK9. Can't be beat for size.

I can wear anything down to swim trunk and the gun is invisible in my SmartCarry.

#2 is my G30. When I'm working, I wear a coat or big loose shirt, so it's easy and comfortable to wear IWB.

I mainly carry a Glock 19 or 26, sometimes a G30 or Colt Defender. Mostly the 26 though. These days I use SmartCarry just about all the time, it's just comfortable. But it is pretty slow to draw.
I carry a Kimber Ultra Carry II in my Sam Andrews pocket holster about 98% of the time, the rest of the time it's a Bobtailed Smith & Wesson Scandium Commander in a Gary Brommeland Max Con V holster. Both .45 ACP.
Hate Glocks. Hate Kimbers. -- Hate Starbucks' coffee too.

Carry goes all over the place. Mostly I don't need to carry. We have a super low crime, rural area I live in. Everyone has a gun in the vehicle (truck) and the jerks understand that. Besides which, if you're a jerk, we know who you are and will send Jim out from the Sheriff's Dept. to pick you up.

Carry is like wearing shoes.

Small -- like into Safeway for milk, bread, it's mostly an NAA 32 ACP Guardian. Maybe a double edge Cold Steel Peacekeeper I.

Smith Mod. 60 (357 mag) and Kahr MK9 in the middle, Uzi Compact Jericho in 9mm.

Couple SA 1911's, SA XD 45 ACP with a Glock laser.

AK-47 w/ Bulgarian 75 rd. drum mag, Rem. 870 Wingmaster "riot gun" and nickel plated Stoeger "Coach Gun" in the trunk.

Then there's the Weatherby Vanguard, 30-06, Leupold scope and Ruger No. 1 45-70 Govt., Leupold scope for the "distant zombies."

-- But mostly an NAA Guardian in the pocket and probably a 45 ACP in a portfolio.

Carry is like footwear.
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Mostly I carry my XD .45acp. Sometimes one of my 1911s in the .45acp as well. Rarely ever do I carry a wheel gun, but when I do, you guessed it, it's a .45. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
XD .40 Don Hume IWB
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