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I am looking for ways so that we as one can come together and protect the second a little bit more than we do....... Any ideas?

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I think awareness is the most important factor. To use this forum to keep each other informed as to the impending changes to laws within Congress and various state legislatures. If we are aware we can react and contact our Congressmen or state Legislators to let them know our feelings about changes in the laws coming down the pipe.

If you look at the pressure that was brought to bear on our Congress about the recent Immigration Amnesty Law that was brought forth in the US Congress. This grassroots pressure came from Off-topic forums in thousands of websites across the US. Folks flocked to sites like numbers USA, to send faxes and letters to their state Senators and Congressmen and the rallying point was off-topic forums where the message was discussed and the reaction massive.

Another Example was the backlash that occurred when the sportswriter Zumbo made an off color remark about "black guns!" This started the alarm bells ringing all across the gun forums in the US and MR. Zumbo lost a lot of sponsor's, income and professional status in the sporting community.

The Internet is a powerful tool, and it is helping to focus more gun owners to become vigilant and to Marshall the troops, like Paul Revere to let the people know that the Liberals are coming and they have a new book of laws that doesn't include private gun ownership.

easily said...
people do not vote anymore
VOTE dammit!

all politics is local

that kid, just out of the Marines running for school commitee,
will someday run for alderman, city council, selectman, mayor, dogcatcher

then congress, maybe president

vote for him (her)

and send the kid money, and support the kid
show up to public hearings, school comittee meatings
and vote, dammit

otherwise we get the hacks, the stuffed shirts,
the lawyers, the liberal: license other people's dogs, mine never gets out
the senator from DuPont, VP from Bech-Tel
and they want our guns, so we are helpless
and have to beg their protection, and pay for protection
it's a business with them, and a business they have no right to

VOTE dammit
while you still can
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