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Weak Four: NFL Teams Still Struggling to Fill Empty Seats

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The NFL headed into Week 5 hoping to gain some momentum with their attendance numbers, however, several stadiums still seemed more empty than they ought to be.

The game that seemed to spur the most comments this weekend was at Cincinnati’s Paul Brown Stadium, where the home team Bengals lost in a squeaker to the Arizona Cardinals. But, many felt that Cincy fans did not turn out:

Paging @EmptySeatsPics
— Beppe 🏳*🌈 ↙↙↙ (@buckeyedinapoli) October 6, 2019

Not many people here at Paul Brown Stadium to see this clash of NFL teams.
— Josh Weinfuss (@joshweinfuss) October 6, 2019

RT @chief_sief78: Bengals football. Catch the fever. @[me]
— Empty Seats Galore (@EmptySeatsPics) October 6, 2019

Well that's a lot of empty seats.
— Vance Meek (@vancemeek) October 6, 2019

Press row views #BALvsPIT RT @EdBouchette: Not your typical Ravens vs. Steelers game in many ways. Where are all the fans at Heinz Field? Early 2 q
— Empty Seats Galore (@EmptySeatsPics) October 6, 2019

Some fans felt that the Houston Texans were unable to fill NRG Stadium when the Atlanta Falcons came to town. Fortunately for those in attendance, the Texans showed up and scored 53 points on Atlanta:

Lotsa empty seats with 3 minutes left in 1st.
— Coup Deville Impeachment Inquiry (@Unkle_Monkee) October 6, 2019

10 minutes before kickoff in Houston for Falcons-Texans.
— Jason Butt (@JasonHButt) October 6, 2019

Several other teams were said to find too many empty seats, as well.

The Tennessee Titan’s Nissan Stadium seemed less than filled when the Buffalo Bills came to town:

RT @Bdautch: @[me] I was thinking about you probably because a bunch of these seats are empty I don't know just a guess
— Empty Seats Galore (@EmptySeatsPics) October 6, 2019

The Washington Redskins were obliterated 33-7 at home when the New England Patriots stopped by FedEx Field:

Dan Snyder walking onto FedEx Field with Alex Smith
— Les Carpenter (@Lescarpenter) October 6, 2019

Finally, there were questions about the number of empty seats at Bank of America Stadium as the Carolina Panthers beat the visiting Jacksonville Jaguars 43-27:

repping my ECU stuff and rooting on McCaffrey for fantasy purposes woooo go me
— ecukid79 (@ecukid79) October 6, 2019

:LoL: As the saying goes, 'Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.'
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Now if people would quit going to the movies.
Quit turning on the TV.
We might actually send a strong message to the basis of anti-US political money.
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