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Bull sheet.
A convenience store is one place I NEVER go in without my carry.

In his younger years my #1 son worked 3rd shift at a Jet store. About 6:30 am he had a Mac 9 in his face. Although he had his 9mm under the counter, company protocol was to push the button and give them all the money, which he did.
Enroute to the freeway the BG emptied the pistol at a bubba who got in his way. Bubba lived, stupid BG got busted for doing 92 in a 55 before the want even went on the air.
Savvy cop saw dark tint and out of state plates and called for backup. BG's driver says he planned to kill the cop if he approached the vehicle solo. BG's doing 20 courtesy of the State of GA.

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Geez! That pi$$ed me off before the video even started. Why do these people have to wear their freakin' pants down at their knees with their underwear sticking out?!?!?

Common trash, that's all.......................... :x :x
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