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Walther P 22

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Hi everybody ,I’m new to the forum and I’m hoping you can help me with some guidance in the way of the P 22 .
A gun store near me has two of them brand new however of course I don’t have to tell you about doing your homework so I watched 1 million YouTube videos and with every video I watched more questions are raised then answered?
I watch a million videos on You Tube about the old P 22 how they were junk but then some people were saying no they’re OK if you Shoot certain ammo through it then a lot of other people were saying no you have to file down the hammer and do all the mods to it do you think is ridiculous for the price of it to have to do mods on it and as I said some people were saying you had to shoot more expensive ammo through it but why buy a 22 plinker if you have to spend money on ammo, expensive ammo I should say and then other people said no the second generation is good they cleaned it all up ,so I guess my question really is what is the final consensus ,is the second generation OK are they all junk regardless of generation?
I’d like to get some quality opinions on these questions and I would appreciate any help from all you members .
Thank you in advance and I await any and all replies before I spend my hard-earned money .
All the best , Frank 45
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Well i do not own one of them. But i own a Walther PK380 a PPX 9MM. And a colt rail gun 1911 22 made by Walther. They are all sold performers. I have no regrets buying them. I never heard of a junk walther to be honest. Hard to beat German engineering.
From my understanding, the later generation pistols are much better functioning. The challenge for you is to identify the difference to insure that you are buying the later version. The biggest tell on the outside is the Picatinny rail has three slots instead of one, and the grip has improved texture. Internally the recoil spring is far different, being shorter and more tightly wound coils.

I would avoid the earlier models...
Thank you for responding and I Appreciate both of your input.
I took a picture of the two models when I was at the gun store yesterday and both of them did have the three serrations on the rail as you can see in the picture here so you yourselves can see what I’m talking about it does have the three rails .
Now the next question I guess would be is that price reasonable, I felt it’s a little too much and also for another $150 I could just get a Ruger Mark IV and not worry about any potential headaches however I really just would like to know what is the deal with this pistol as I said in my opening post with every YouTube video I watched and everything I see online it only raises more questions than answers and I guess the bottom line is ,is this a roll of the dice weapon or is the new were version definitely not like the first generation with all of its problems!
Thanks again for answering my question hopefully more people will chime in as well and I can definitively know whether it’s worth rolling the dice on this one with any potential problems it may have .Thanks and All the best frank 45 Text Font Material property Technology Graphic design
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I think you can do better on that price; I would shop around some. It does appear to be a later version, which should function well, but I have seen blued Ruger Mark IV target models for that price. And, if you are debating between the two, the Ruger Mark IV is a pistol with a good reputation for a lot of years in earlier generations (Standard [Mark I], Mark II, and Mark III), I would recommend the Mark IV.
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Thank you for your quick reply and sound advise and I think that’s what I’m leaning towards the Ruger Mark IV .
I would still be interested in hearing from someone who actually has one of the newer models and if they have had any problems at all just to clear the air as I said in my opening statement with every video I watched on YouTube more questions were raised and answered and I agree with you I have seen some Ruger‘s for that same price .
Thanks agin for your help and all the best Frank 45
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I love my new Mark4. :thumbsup:
Thanks my friend for your input I am leaning towards the Mark IV right now but I’m really just curious about what people have experienced with that P 22 may I ask you how much you paid for it I want to make sure I don’t over pay if I buy the Marc for . All the Best Frank 45
It was 400.00 Total.
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That’s exactly the model I am considering thanks for your helpful insight ! As you can see in the photo they were asking $350.00 which I thought was high but even then for $50.00 more I can get this ! Thanks my friend , Frank 45
Frank if your going to buy through your local dealer. Go to Gallery of guns web site. Find the model. Put your zip code in. And it will show all the shops that they deal with and the prices. Some vary pretty much.
Thank you so much my friend I will definitely do that !
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Your welcome. I just discovered that site yesterday. It's pretty handy.
Here’s the cheapest I could find it for in my area Text Font Line Screenshot Document
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Cool when i did my area. Where i bought mine it came up 36.00 more than 400.00 but he may have got it from another distributor. Our new local shop that just opened it came up over 500.00
Yea I was hoping to not spend over $400.00 I’ll keep searching but at least I know I can get it locally and again thanks for the help Frank 45
Your welcome. Im heading out to sling some lead. Catch you later. :thumbsup:
Your welcome. Im heading out to sling some lead. Catch you later. :thumbsup:
Well thank you to the two members out of this whole forum who were kind enough to respond !
After much thinking I settled on the Henry long barrel 22 cal.
its MSRP was $475.00 however I got it for $425.00 and I will eventually get that Ruger Mark four but for right now this will be a great weapon to have both my wife and daughter cut their teeth on .
Again thanks for responding and All the Best Frank45
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A Henry golden boy 22?
I wish, just the frontier long barrel 24” H001 TLB .22 S/L/LR 16 round capacity , however I still want to get the Ruger Mark IV and again thanks for all your help my friend !
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