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Sandy Fitzgerald
12 August 2019

An explosion that took place last week during the suspected test of a nuclear missile in northern Russia is helping the United States in "learning much" about the technology involved, President Donald Trump said Monday.

"The United States is learning much from the failed missile explosion in Russia," the president tweeted from his golf resort in Bedminister, N.J., where he is staying, reports The Hill. "We have similar, though more advanced, technology. The Russian 'Skyfall' explosion has people worried about the air around the facility, and far beyond. Not good!

While the United States has not commented in detail about the incident, the failed missile test on Russia's White Sea that resulted in the deaths of five atomic scientists happened while they were conducting tests near a small nuclear power source," according to a top official, Bloomberg reported.

Alexey Likhachev, the chief executive officer of the state nuclear monopoly Rosatom, commented Monday during the men's funeral in the Russian city of Sarov, a city devoted to atomic research, that they died testing a "new special device."

Vyacheslav Soloviev, the scientific director at the institute where the scientists worked, said in an interview shown on local TV the Russian Federal Nuclear Center has been working on small-scale power sources for the government and civilian uses.

Initially, the Russian Defense Ministry reported two were killed during the testing of a liquid-fueled missile engine but did not mention the nuclear element and the Russian military disclosed few details.

Last week, other explosions at a Siberian military depot killed one person and injured 13 others, and in July, 14 died in a fire on a nuclear-powered submarine in the Barents Sea, with a top naval official saying the men died preventing a "planetary catastrophe."

The most recent explosion occurred about a week after the United State's withdrawal from the Ronald Reagan-era Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty.

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More of the Wonder Weapons Putin has been bragging about.
Says they have developed missiles that we will never be able to intercept.
He's right, they can't make it out of the factory let alone get on the launch pad.
Reminds me of all those fake rockets they used to parade down Red Square every October during the Cold War.

All kidding aside, we must always stay vigilant and never let Russia, China, Iran or NOKO get the upper hand in new technology.
We need to get our spending priorities under control, more for our defense.
Less for the defense of other nations who can afford to defend themselves (Germany).
We beat the USSR in the cold war by bankrupting them on military spending.
We need to be careful it does not happen to us.
Every single one of our government social programs needs to be gone over with a fine tooth comb.
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