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For the past few years everyone has been saying don't get caught in a street blocked by protests but if you do don't stop for your safety. Well apparently this crazy loon drove into a parking lot to purposely run over people and she succeeded. Charged with attempted murder and using her car as a weapon.

BLM supporter who allegedly plowed through crowd of Trump supporters charged
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She's a "political martyr for the cause", now.
When she goes to prison i think she's going to be a lot more than that. I would say it but then i'll get banned.

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Is there a picture of this gal? In California she can claim she’s a guy and get locked up with them.
Gal might be a stretch.

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From Orange County Register

By Sean Emery
[email protected]
A Long Beach activist who drove through a protest crowd in Yorba Linda — reportedly running over a woman’s head and breaking a man’s leg — was charged Tuesday with attempted murder.

Tatiana Rita Turner, 40, is also charged with mayhem and multiple felony counts of assault with a deadly weapon, as well as two felony counts of illegal use of tear gas after prosecutors allege she


Tatiana Rita Turner of Long Beach is taken into custody Saturday after driving her car through a crowd of protesters in Yorba Linda.


pepper-sprayed counterprotesters at the demonstration against police brutality on Saturday.

Sheriff’s officials said Turner drove through the crowd deliberately, while her attorney and a fellow activist have contended that an angry mob surrounded her vehicle and wouldn’t let her leave.

Turner pleaded not guilty to the charges Tuesday afternoon.

Prosecutors say Turner and other protesters were outfitted with helmets, tactical vests, riot shields and stun guns. They allege Turner waved a wooden baton at counterprotesters before driving her car into a crowd.

Brian Willis’ injuries include a compound fracture of his right leg. In an interview from a local hospital where was being treated Tuesday, the 49-year-old Yorba Linda resident and private investigator said Turner stared into his eyes before deliberately aiming her car straight at him.

He denied that she was in any danger.

“When she got back in her car, there was no one threatening her or hitting her car,” he said. “She could have easily sat in her car or gone the other way.”

Turner’s attorney, Ludlow Creary II, said Turner is a founder of Long Beachbased Caravan 4 Justice and described her as a committed activist for changes in the justice system and policing.

Caravan for Justice planned Saturday’s event as part of a campaign against police violence. It was met by counterdemonstrators with American flags and banners supporting President Donald Trump.

Creary said a group that included the Trump supporters had become “increasingly numerous and hostile and threatening” toward Turner and her group, at one point surrounding them. Turner was trying to move her car over to pick up the other members of her group when her car was surrounded, the defense attorney said. At that point, the defense attorney said, Turner was in fear for her life.

“It was not her intent to hurt anybody,” Creary said. “It was not an assault. … When you are in fear of imminent danger, when there is an imminent threat to your safety, what other way is there if law enforcement isn’t willing to help you?”

Willis, who was among those protesting Turner’s group, described her as the aggressor, saying he saw her pepper spraying people and brandishing what looked like a stick.

Willis said he followed Turner to her car, wanting to get her license plate information to give to law enforcement.

He said he used his phone to take a photo of Turner’s license plate, then lifted it to take a photo of her. Willis said that with all the background noise, he didn’t hear the engine running.

“She looked right in my eyes and ran me over,” Willis said. “I thought I was going to die.”

The front bumper struck him first, then the right front tire went over his right leg, causing the compound fracture, he said. The right rear tire hit his left leg. He said he saw a woman on the hood of Turner’s sedan, then falling underneath it.

According to a district attorney’s statement, the vehicle ran over the woman’s head. It did not identify her.

Sheriff officials initially described those struck by the vehicle as Trump supporters. Willis said Tuesday they were Yorba Linda residents who wanted to “protect the city,” adding that many on their side supported Trump, as well.

Willis said more than 100 friends, community members and supporters have contacted him since the incident.

Creary accused law enforcement of “siding with the Trump supporters,” saying Turner’s attempts to call 911 or talk to deputies at the scene for assistance led to no help. The defense attorney also alleged that after her arrest, a deputy drove Turner past the counterdemonstrators and gave them a “thumb’s-up,” then stopped to allow them to take photos of Turner.

“Like she was Bonnie and Clyde or Jesse James or something,” Creary said.

Orange County sheriff’s spokeswoman Carrie Braun said the department has not confirmed those allegations but is looking into them.

“Our deputies do not take sides,” Braun said. “They are out there at the protest to protect the constitutional rights of everyone involved and to protect lives and property.”

Creary said he was surprised to see the charges related to the alleged pepper- spraying but contended it was a “hostile” environment and some may have acted out of self-defense.

Jail records show Turner is being held in lieu of $1 million bail.

Prosecutors say Turner has previous convictions for drug sales and domestic violence. If convicted of the latest charges, she could face up to 20 years and four months to life in prison.

Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer said his office is reviewing surveillance footage to see if any protesters broke the law “regardless of what side of the political aisle they are on.” He criticized those who attend “for the sole purpose of escalating to unlawful violence.”

“The Orange County District Attorney’s Office will not tolerate these professional militant organizers who are armed with weapons and teaching defensive tactics to counter police efforts to curb violence,” Spitzer said in a written statement. “We support the right to peacefully protest, but these are not peaceful protests.”

Brian Willis, center, was injured when Tatiana Rita Turner of Long Beach allegedly drove her sedan into him at a protest and counterprotest in Yorba Linda on Saturday.
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