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Tractor Supply bans charities raffling firearms .

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well........the parking lot at the local tractor supply is probably going to look a tad more empty.........

then is always mostly empty anyways..........
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Support your local feed store, local mower shop, local gun shore, and then these things don't matter.
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Rural King stated. They will not turn on the 2nd. I hope they come to my area one day. We do have them in Pa. So it's progress.
well........the parking lot at the local tractor supply is probably going to look a tad more empty.........

then is always mostly empty anyways..........

I heard ours is already starting down that path. They just opened a Runnings here which pretty much sells all the tractor supply stuff, all type of gun, hunting and reloading stuff and more.
Hit these companies and corporations where it hurts.
If everyone only shops at places who will not get PC they will get the idea.
The left is good at getting their message out and threatening people and business
It is time for us to play the same game
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I can't read the article due to my using a VPN.

Is this one store only or corporate policy?
Here is a copy and paste of the article.
Charities selling raffle tickets for a chance to win a firearm are no longer welcome in front of Tractor Supply.

In answer to a customer complaint earlier this month, the store's corporate office banned all raffles awarding firearms as prizes.

In the wake of several mass shootings in the past several months – two in Texas – that left dozens dead and dozens more wounded, many private businesses have restructured their firearms policies.

Most recently, Walmart, the world's largest retailer, announced they would stop carrying pistol ammunition, and certain long-barrel ammunition commonly associated with assault rifles like AK-47's and AR-15's.

Many Americans, fed up with seemingly constant reports of mass shootings across the country, are making themselves heard by speaking to, and perhaps pressuring, retail establishments.

Boycotts, for instance, have been an effective tool of the public for centuries.

“The Tractor Supply manager has always been super nice,” Master Mason James Ashley told the Herald-Press Friday. “I'm sure he was caught between a rock and a hard place when corporate made their ruling.”

Jennifer Key, a 44-year-old customer service agent said the choice, ultimately, is up to Tractor Supply, not its customers. She said the free-market – whether customers choose to shop at the store – should speak for the public.

“Frankly, I'm surprised Tractor Supply made that call [to ban firearm raffles],” she said. “But, they're a private company, and it's their call to make.”

Last year, three high school students – one each from Palestine, Westwood, and Neches High Schools – won $1,000 scholarships from Palestine's Masonic Temple, Lodge 31.

The scholarship money came from raffle tickets sold outside storefronts like Tractor Supply. This year's prize: a Henry Golden Boy .22 caliber rifle.

“It's a trophy rifle, not a so-called assault weapon,” Ashley's father, Tom Ashley, also a Master Mason told the Herald-Press. “Still, someone called in a complaint to their headquarters, and corporate disallowed it.”

Ashley said the lodge was hoping to increase the award to $1,500 this year. Having lost one of their ticket-selling outlets, however, might put that plan in jeopardy.

Also on the sidewalk when the Masons were told to leave was Henry Kitchens of the Vietnam Veterans of America, Post 991. The VVA was also raffling off firearms; a .308 rifle, and a 9mm handgun.

Kitchens, whose organization provided six $1,000 scholarships to local students last year through raffle proceeds, was also told to leave.

“I don't hold anything against Tractor Supply,” Kitchens told the Herald-Press. “They've always been good to us. It's a shame that one person's complaint can disenfranchise everyone else, however.”

Kitchens and Ashley, who have held similar raffles for years, said they'd feel better if Tractor Supply, like Walmart, had a policy restricting all fund-raising, rather than singling out a few.

“When Walmart said we could no longer use their storefront, they told us it was for everybody,” Ashley said. “Even the Girl Scouts can't sell cookies there anymore. I can understand that; what's fair for one should be fair for all.”

Palestine resident Paul Temple agreed with Ashley.

“I personally think that if you don't like the prize for a raffle, then don't buy the ticket,” Temple, 44, told the Herald-Press. “As far as tractor supply saying you can't sell due to the prize being a gun, then I think the rule should apply to all.”

Temple, a field-service technician, said corporations should represent, and stand up for, the wants of the majority of their customers.

“That is why our country is in the shape it's in now,” he said. “We try to please the few that are screaming loudly, but we don't listen to those who quietly like the way things are, even if they're in the majority.”

Kenneth Rollins, 62, who retired from Walmart earlier this year said, for him, the answer is simple.

“Tractor Supply just lost a customer,” he said.

Ashley said the Masons will still be setting up raffle ticket booths at Brookshire's, Braly's Hardware, McCoy's Building Supplies, and Lowe's.

Charles E. Dickens Jewelers of Palestine has donated a free engraving to whomever wins the rifle.

Ticket booths for the VVA raffle can be found at Lowe's, local gun shows, and at VVA fundraisers, Kitchens said.

Winners of either contest must pass federal background checks before prizes are awarded. In the event a winner fails the background check, another winner is chosen at random.

McKenzie Goldman, spokesperson for Tractor Supply, declined to comment.
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Charities selling raffle tickets for a chance to win a firearm are no longer welcome in front of Tractor Supply.

It would make sense if all charities selling raffle tickets were no longer welcome. Singling out firearms prizes is capitulation to gun grabbers.
“A customer complaint “? One customer? No one listens to me alone. Why would they listen to one person?
“A customer complaint “? One customer? No one listens to me alone. Why would they listen to one person?
This right here. ONE little peon gets to dictate the operations of a multi-million dollar corporation? THAT's the little snowflake out there: The Corporation.

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i guess they had best quit selling gun safes...........someone might get offended at the thought of a customer filling it up with new purchases.........

strangely, the internet seems to be purty quiet about tractor their parking lot.....:lol:

does not seem to be much of a backlash at this point. nothing showing up on their home page about it.

all we seem to have is one newspaper article and one blog entry i could far.....
Rural King sells guns and everything else.
Looks like RK is getting closer to me. I see they have one in State college now. Before the closest location was in Clearfield.
I was jumping all over the asst managers ass at Walmart here.
its a small town and I pulled into my favorite handicap parking space and found out it is no longer for handicapped people.
it is now reserved for"our friends the police"
the police can park a whole lot closer than that spot if there is a need for them to be there.
so now we in an elderly county we have one less place to park close to the front door.
I AM THROUGH WITH WALMART. I would rather drive to temple and get what I need **** them
“A customer complaint “? One customer? No one listens to me alone. Why would they listen to one person?
One customer? They have taken action because of the complain of ONE customer? Well let see what happens when a lot of gun owner customers decide not to no longer buy in the store.
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Sent Tractor Supply an email in regard to the stopping of gun raffles.
Not so according to my reply, only in the Palestine, Texas store due to the latest shooting in the state.
If I knew how to copy and post it here I would.
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Ok a member on Firearms talk email Tractor supply asking about the ban. He gave me permission to post the response here. It seams it was just one location.

Thank you for contacting the Tractor Supply Customer Solutions Team.
Recently, you reached out to Tractor Supply about charity raffles involving firearms at our stores. We wanted to take the opportunity to provide additional information.

At Tractor Supply, we respect America’s fundamental freedoms and take individual rights very seriously. Like our customers, we are proud to support our rights including the Second Amendment.

To be clear, Tractor Supply has not banned the raffling of firearms by charities. We did ask organizations to stop gun raffles at the Palestine, Texas store only in September after receiving complaints from local customers who were very upset and sensitive regarding the recent shooting. And out of consideration for the recent mass shootings in Texas. This decision was based on both the closeness in time of the shootings in Texas. In an effort to be sensitive to our local customers’ concerns and still support the fundraising efforts of these organizations, we have chosen to make donations to these local worthy nonprofit organizations who were effected by the decision.
At Tractor Supply, we continue to make our fundraising decisions on a local store-by-store basis taking into consideration factors unique to each situation. As we strive to be active members of the local community and support local charities, there has been no change to our store fundraising policies.

We are honored to be part of each local community we call home and appreciate the chance to explain the situation further.

If you have any other questions or concerns you would like to discuss, now or in the future, please don’t hesitate to reply to this email at any time. And any member of our Leadership Team will be able to assist.

Thank you so much for choosing Tractor Supply Company.''
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I guess they got the message "Either null the policy or go out of business"
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