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Had a good time shooting yesterday morning. The west Texas wind picked up right after I got there, but this time I had a pretty fair outing. Took the RIA 9mm, Jericho 941 9mm, and RO Compact .45 ACP. The paper shooting was all draw and double tap with the three guns at 12 yards. Then I had a bit of fun with the steel plates (10-25 yards with the Jericho) and had fun like a little kid shooting cans and a plastic bottle with the Jericho mostly, but a mag full with the RO Compact too.

The RIA does shoot a little left with 9mm just like it does with .38 Super so I will be adjusting the sights a little later. I shot half dozen rounds initially to check this.

The Jericho is dead on now. I had to adjust the sights slightly and stop using plated bullets. It is really accurate and fun to shoot with FMJ or hollow point ammo. The more I shoot this gun, the more I like it! What’s not to love? It is a CZ clone after all.

The RO Compact is a great shooter, but I failed to bring the 185 RN ammo for it. Shooting 230 grain it is harder to get the follow-up shot with this alloy frame 1911. Shot a few 185 hollow points that allowed better reacquisition of the target.

Shooting the cans and bottle was a hoot with the wind blowing. Every time you hit the plastic bottle it would land five yards further down range. I was still scoring hits at 30+ yards with the Jericho!:) All in all I had a great time.

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