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By Monica Showalter

After demonizing police for the last two years, and still doing it now, the left is going to have a hard time explaining the heroism seen in a police rescue of an injured pilot whom officers pulled away from the rubble a mere four seconds before the crashed aircraft was hit by an oncoming train.

Here's the breathtaking story, recounted with many screen shots, from the New York Post:
Dramatic video footage shows the moment police officers in Los Angeles pulled a pilot from a downed plane seconds before a train collided with the damaged aircraft on Sunday afternoon.
The dramatic scene unfolded after the pilot of the small plane made an emergency landing on train tracks in Pacoima at about 2 p.m., according to police.

The pilot was the sole occupant of the plane, which went down after it lost power, according to the LAPD Valley Bureau.

Police bodycam footage tweeted by the department shows the officers yanking the bloodied man from the plane before it was smashed by an oncoming train.
"Go, go go," someone in the video can be heard screaming as the train blasts its horn.

Moments later, the train slammed into the downed plane, the footage shows.
Here is the original Los Angeles Police Department video:

Foothill Division Officers displayed heroism and quick action by saving the life of a pilot who made an emergency landing on the railroad tracks at San Fernando Rd. and Osborne St., just before an oncoming train collided with the aircraft.
— LAPD HQ (@LAPDHQ) January 10, 2022

This bystander's video demonstrates the power of the oncoming train:

OMG—Train collides with a crashed plane just 2 seconds after @LAPDFoothill police pull the pilot from the wreckage earlier today. The bystander who recorded this was nearly hit by large flying debris. LAPD officer’s body cam further below👇—amazing heroism 🙏
— Eric Feigl-Ding (@DrEricDing) January 10, 2022
CNN got an exclusive video interview with the officers, who presented a calm, dignified, modest picture of heroism. One of the LAPD cops explained that he saw the aircraft go down, spotted the inherent danger of extremely flammable leaking jet aircraft fuel on the ground, ran toward the danger in order to rescue the pilot, and summoned others to help with other critical tasks such as traffic control to protect the public. All that, and then a train came along — so fast they didn't dare spare a second to look at it — and, with two or four seconds to spare, they saved the man.

"Seconds count," as my close friend who recently retired from the LAPD and fled to South Carolina likes to say. No kidding.

The rescuers were highly trained officers doing their job, which involved extremely risky heroism no one can ever be forced to perform as part of a job — and they did it.

Here are these LAPD cops, who acted together as a team with split-second precision, to rescue the bloodied, injured pilot:

Image: Twitter screen shot from CNN-posted video.

Some of them look like white cops, no less — those dreadful, awful white male cops of leftist legend. In the earlier video, it appears that one of the rescuers was a female cop, so the three heroes presented may just represent the sharp end of the spear, and there were likely many heroes in this rescue, and there are a helluva lot of good cops who answer the call to heroism.

These cops stand in stark contrast to what the left likes to claim about cops. Leftists, aside from having none of those heroic qualities these officers showed themselves, spend all their time demonizing the police, (particularly the LAPD), demanding for their defunding, and claiming that cops are out to oppress black people. They've had a good run of it on networks like "fiery but peaceful" CNN, but they have nothing to say about this kind of heroism.

This rescue shows what a lot of people already know: that people go into police work not to oppress others, but to express that inner nobleness they have to help people. Sometimes, they have opportunities to do it. There has to be a lot of latent heroism in a lot of the police force for this kind of rescue to have happened. What are the odds that cops this fine would have been in exactly the right place and time to pull this rescue off as they did? A random cop spots an aircraft go down; moves toward the danger, instead of away from it; puts human life first to rescue the injured man; and then shows the world what he's made of, in a flawless death-defying rescue done in a split second with just fragments of information in beyond-harrowing conditions. And these cops worked as a well-oiled team — one person may not have been able to do that alone — showing that they are all made of this kind of righteous heroism.

Cops rescue people all the time. I'll be forever grateful to the California Highway Patrol officers who rescued me on a roaring highway full of freight trucks at midnight near Lake Elsinore a year ago last Oct. 26, when a blown tire disabled my car and my little car was so close to the highway that it shuddered and shook every time a freight truck would pass, and I dared not get out of that car. Even being in the car was dangerous — one little miscalculation from a truck, and I'd be a goner. I watched the trucks behind me approaching in trepidation. I called 911, the dispatcher told me not to get out of that car, and then the cops came and parked behind me but into the highway lane, put their flashers up, got out of their car in the dangerous conditions, approached me, instructed me to pull farther into the dirt, and then called AAA for me, making a space for that truck to change my tire. What they did was heroic — they put their car in danger's way so the AAA truck could come and change my broken tire. Then they cleared a path so my little car could drive off and gain speed on the freight truck–loaded highway.

Yes, cops are heroes, and these LAPD cops were spectacular heroes. It's about time we started hearing about this because it happens a lot. To take a look at the LAPD news, you'd think cops were all bad guys — the press is currently making a big deal about a tragic accidental shooting that happened in North Hollywood, where an LAPD officer fired a gun that inadvertently ricocheted into a dressing room of a mall, killing a Chilean teenager. Joe Biden made sure that got maximum coverage as a means of holding up cops to scorn. Joe loudly apologized to the newly elected radical left-wing president of Chile for the unintentional LAPD incident, vowing justice for the teen and all that. The teenager was an illegal alien, and the police officer involved in the accident was black, so this offers some amazing opportunities to Joe to get divisive, using the police as his foil. You never hear from Joe about letting the investigation run its course, or that every police officer is an individual, or that people go into police work with lion-like courage and good intentions. Nope, he's already decided that the cop involved was the bad guy because all police are.

More to the point, are we going to hear from Joe on this stellar LAPD aircraft train track rescue?
Don't hold your breath. He was last seen tweeting about the "dagger at the throat of our democracy," meaning anyone who supports President Trump, on two feeds.

In the past, U.S. presidents enjoyed identifying with police heroism and would tout such feats to the skies, if for nothing else, then to be seen by the public in the company of heroes. Joe Biden? Not so much. Biden wouldn't understand heroism if it bit him on the butt. The dominant narrative that he and his leftist allies have put out is that police are to be demonized and like any crook, he's sticking to his story.

This heroic rescue — like the Miracle on the Hudson and the Subway Superman, curiously happening in early January — tells the rest of us another story.

Image: Twitter screen shot from CNN-posted video.


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