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the LCR has ruined me.......

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Have really been enjoying my LCR's......that cam action trigger i think is one of the best inventions ever to hit the small frame snub nose market.

That being said, i had a friend that just acquired a Ruger sp101 Wiley Clapp. I have always been semi-excited about the model. Nice heavy duty snub with the special novak sights.

But........when i tried the trigger, it was a nightmare. On a slow trigger pull, it felt like it took 18 pounds just to get the cylinder moving and when she did finally start moving, she moved fast to the 2nd stage. Needless to say it would take a lot of practice "as is" to even try to stage the trigger for accuracy. So it was nothing but fast shooting with this thing as the trigger was so aggravating over-coming that initial contact...

makes me wonder if Ruger can perhaps install the LCR cam system in the sp or even in the GP.

Anyways, that sp is definately gong to need some help in an action job and/or spring job. It has been years since i shot a standard SP101 and i do not recall the trigger being as bad as this Wiley Clapp.

looks like i will continue to be staying with the LCR.
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My sa/da revolvers. I shoot in sa. I like manually cocking the hammer then shooting.
They claim the new Colt cobra revolvers, are really somthing in the trigger area.
Would like to try them.

Really good to read of your expereince. Thank you
My SP101 has a 9lb DA and 4lb SA trigger. I bought it used so i can't say if anyone ever slicked it up or not. I don't recall ever shooting a LCR so i can't compare. I'll have to ask my buddy if he has one and try it if he does.
That darn LCR seems to have that effect on people. I'm one of the victims. :thumbsup:
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When I first tried an LCR at a NRA show years ago, I was amazed by the linearity of the trigger pull. I don't have one but, if I were buying a new revolver, it definitely would be an LCR.
I've always found the LCR to be a very smooth shooting little revolver. Considering its light weight, recoil has never been a problem for me. If I were carrying a revolver, it would probably be an LCR.
I carry a revolver. Its a LCR.
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The Kimber K6S has a similar trigger pull but feels better in my hands.

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It is hard to argue with a good trigger in a well made firearm.
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