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The Laura & Linsee Show on FOX News - How Cozy

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I was watching a segment of the Ingraham Angle tonight that had Laura Ingraham reporting on the dousing of NYPD officers who were trying to respond or make an arrest, but were run off by water-bucket toting "citizens" who baptized two of NYC's Finest. A very deploable situation that will spell trouble for the mayor. Google the video to see this disgusting episode.

Anyway, during the news segment, Sen. Lindsey Graham was the guest, and twice during the segment Laura Ingraham asked questions of the senator in which she addressed him as "Linsdey". No senator title, just, "Lindsey, do you think ......blah, blah. Lindsey, what would happen if ...... blah, blah." How cozy can it get?.

I know NYC/NYPD has a real problem now. I think FOX News may have one in the making.You know, that "familiarity breeding contempt thingy ........" And the "red-meat, election season is approaching". What fun, eh?
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