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Yesterday, I saw an opportunity to catch a few Zzzzzzz's in the afternoon - didn't have
much sleep the night before. However, before I knew it the kids had me on a plinking
expedition to a friend's ranch about 30 minutes away - they said they'd feel better if
I came along and talked with him first - they think he's a grouch - LOL .... seems fine
to me! :D

Anyway, they took a fun selection of firearms along and we all had a great time. These
are pretty representative of the 100+ photos/tape I took.

These kids have all been pretty close buddies since middle school and pal around together
a lot. John (hatless) is my 22 (almost 23 year old youngest son) soon to be a ParaMedic
Firefighter, Tracy is the blond, a little younger and a very nice, soon to be Oceanographer
at Scripps Institute, James in the hat is at the police academy and 'Mars' (short for Marleen) i
s a computer engineer ... and a character ... she's her own gal, fer sure!

No target went along this time - this was for the fun of it - cans & water bottles ... and a
few melons.

By the way - if you click on the photos, they will enlarge to full size!

John:1911 Colt - either the 1917 or the 1942 - I
wasn't paying much attention (looking forward to
that nap, later :D )!

John: Firing the M4 at distance.

John: Taking aim with the 1884 Springfield trapdoor
.45-70 (Manuf. 1889) - handloads only.

Tracy: Questionable form but she hits in the high
nineties percent of the time (dead eye)! She's
shooting the .50-56 Spencer Repeater M1865 -
This one, a Repro., with handloads - a box of
50 (when you can find them) run a cool $156.00)
- we reload these a lot - MUCH cheaper when you
reload - especially these!

Tracy: Taking aim with our Quality Machine M1
Carbine circa 1942 - notice it was never sent
back to the armory for the bayo lug! Sweet! :cool:

Mars: Enjoying the M4

Mars: Telling John how MUCH she enjoyed the M4!
She took to that like a frog to water!

James: Giving the M4 a workout at distance.

James: Playing around at distance with the M1
Carbine - now he wants one! :D

Here's a video of Tracy firing the 4" S&W .500 Mag. for the first time: I was hoping to get a
'girlie girl squeal and shriek out of Tracy - didn't happen. I guess when you swim with the
hammerheads and tigers :eek: :shock: ... no little ole BANG is going to rile her!

Harley Dude
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Great pictures and video Zip! That gal was a trooper with the big S&W! Handled it like she had shot it many times before. Locked elbows and a nice rock on recoil! Taught well I assume.

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Wellll, as MUCH as I would like to wrap my arms around her from the
back and help her improve her form ... I think John and James HAVE
beaten me to it!

'Member, I'm a grandpa - got an image to maintain! :twisted:

.... PLUS, Gale's too sharp - she'd see the video - THEN I'd have some
'splainin to do Lucy!!! LOL

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Ninesey: You'd like Tracy - she's a sweetheart - BUT - takes no crap from anyone!

She's charmed/disarmed me ... a long time ago!

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Much better way to spent an afternoon than napping. You can nap anytime. But there is only a limited opportunity to go shooting with the "kids".

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Mars must be a very small woman if that's what she looks like holding an M4. Still very pretty though. Tracy is too.

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Great pics...those M4's look like they don't have magazines in them, then I remember you live in CA...10 rounds max. You gotta load them from the top?
My wife like shooting my M4 too...

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I like the .500 video even though watching the locked elbows looks painful to me. :i: Love the end quote too. "It's not that bad". :mrgreen:
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