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The elusive Dark Elite with the frame mods that eventually became Legion, plus adjustable rear sight, aluminum grips, SRT, threaded barrel, and short trigger.

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I know some people love to criticize Sig's marketing of the Legion series, and to a certain extent, I get it. But if you put that aside and just focus on the hardware, this is a truly fantastic gun and not over-priced in my opinion. If you look at upgrading a standard P229 to this level (and there would still be some things you couldn't get, like the undercut trigger guard), or if you were to compare the details on a Legion P229 to say, a CZ Shadow 2, it's totally in the ballpark of what you should expect to pay for a gun with this level of quality and details. I've shot a fair number of Sigs and other DA/SA guns, and they've really nailed it with these - all the desired refinements are there. At the same time, this isn't just a fancy, delicate range toy - it will take just about whatever you want to throw at it, within reason, just like every other P-series gun I've sold.


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