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The Ammunition "[email protected]#tstorm" Fight Continues With Kalifornia

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Received today via e-mail from California Rifle & Pistol Association regarding our fun and games to purchase ammunition.


California Ammunition Sales restrictions

On Monday, July 22, CRPA with support of NRA filed a motion requesting an injunction against enforcement of California's recently implemented ammunition laws. The injunction is part of the case Rhode v. Becerra, filed in April of 2018, where lead Plaintiff and gold medal Olympian shooter Kim Rhode and other Plaintiffs have asked the court to halt enforcement after a dubious roll out of the new law on July 1st. The entire system has been shown to be an unconstitutionally excessive burden on law-abiding gun owners with little to no law enforcement value.

California ammunition retailers were given little if any guidance from the state explaining the procedures for processing ammunition sales, amounting to mass confusion throughout the state.
If the court grants the Plaintiffs’ request, it will prohibit California from enforcing its ammunition sales restrictions while the Rhode case is fully litigated. A hearing on the Plaintiffs’ request is currently scheduled for August 19. A decision is expected sometime thereafter.

CRPA and NRA thank Able’s Ammo of Huntsville, Texas, and Ammunition Depot of Boca Raton, Florida, for their continued support of the Rhode lawsuit and support in filing the request for an injunction. NRA and CRPA would also like to thank the countless individuals and businesses who reached out, as well as the following California ammunition retailers who supported Monday’s filing by providing declarations regarding the effect California’s ammunition sales restrictions have had on their businesses:

Turner’s Outdoorsman (27 state-wide locations) LAX Ammunition OC (Huntington Beach) Norco Armory (Norco) Foothill Ammo (Shingle Springs) Guns, Fishing and Other Stuff (Vacaville) Royal Loan (San Diego) Mosquito Creek Outfitters (Placerville) Discount Gun Mart (San Diego and Santee)

Continue to check your inbox and the California Stand and Fight webpage for updates on the Rhode​ case as well as other issues impacting your Second Amendment rights and hunting heritage in California. Stay subscribed and follow us on social media for updates as our litigation progresses.
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They should go after CA's idiotic approved gun roster and 10-round mag limits, while they are at it.
You gotta feel sorry for our brothers and sisters in cali.
My only fear is the old saying "As California goes, so goes the nation."
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"As California goes," ...

If they have any sense, everybody will make as many small purchases of cheap ammo,as often as possible as they can.

If that crap law comes here, we're going to make about 20 trips a day, to buy ammo, till that burdensome beast of a legislation falls right on it's ponderous ass.
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