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ThankGod for this time in our lives!

Our sonswant to grow up, be like Dad and make their own decisions. He’s just like I wasat his age – interested in everything Dad likes, ready to tag along but hewants you to know he’s growing up. He knows things and feels you should knowthem too. Thank God for this time in our lives!

My sonquickly developed past the pellet gun, and the .22lr, wanting to shoot whateverDad was carrying that day. So I safetied the Bushmaster AR-15 and let him holdit. The weight of the barrel was too much and I had to prop his arm up to keephim from burying the barrel in the dirt. I knelt down behind him wrapping myarms around and providing what I anticipated would be a much needed backstop.

Once again,we talked through how to aim, the importance of keeping the rifle in hisshoulder and to slowly squeeze the trigger. He was excited but paid attentionto every word even repeating back to me my favorite saying, “It’s not aboutpulling the trigger, it is about hitting your target!” Talk about one of thoseproud Dad moments …

ExpectantlyI switched off the safety and waited for him to let out his breath. I knew oneshot from the .223 recoil would surprise my eight year old into handing me backthe rifle and saying “Hey Dad, that was cool and all, but why don’t you shoot itsome more.” At least, that is what I expected.

Instead,my son discovered the joy of semi automatic fire. As I held on to both therifle and him, he squeezed off round after round with the biggest smile Ibelieve I had ever seen. Ten to twelve shots later, I wrestled the Bushmasteraway and with surprise all over my face, I looked to see his reaction.

”HeyDad! Need me to load up another magazine!?!”
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