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Texas resident shoots, kills two intruders who broke into his apartment, police say

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A Texas man shot and killed two intruders after they broke into his apartment early Saturday and fired shots at him, police said.

Police were dispatched to an apartment in Garland, Texas, just after 2:30 a.m. regarding a burglary in progress.

Upon arrival, officers observed two male suspects suffering from apparent gunshot wounds. One suspect was inside the apartment residence, and the other was outside near the same residence, police said.

A Garland apartment where two armed intruders tried to force their way in.

A Garland apartment where two armed intruders tried to force their way in. (KDFW)

Paramedics responded, and both suspects passed away at the scene. The Dallas County Medical Examiner has yet to identify the deceased intruders.

The apartment resident told the officers that the two subjects had forced their way into his apartment and started shooting at him. The resident said he returned fire to defend himself.

Police told FOX 4 no charges had been filed against the resident and that he voluntarily interviewed with detectives.

Detectives are still unsure why the individuals targeted this specific residence.

"Not really sure why that happened, or why they were there, or if there is any association with one another," Garland police officer Matt Pesta told the outlet. "We also don’t know how the two deceased know each other at this point."

An investigation into the matter remains active and ongoing.


Another happy ending!
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My wife’s lifelong friend was taking a nap at 3:00 in the afternoon when she opened her eyes to see a guy standing in the corner of her bedroom. She layer there frozen in fear for a few seconds and then started to scream. The guy jumped, flailing his arms around and took off out the door, down the stairs and out the from door. The police found him trying to get into another condo down the street. She still has visions of the guy standing in her room. She’s been thinking of getting a gun but is probably more likely to get bear spray or a stun gun.
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