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Had the trap range to myself and brought two guns I'd never shot before

I picked up an old 12 ga. Remington 1400 a year ago for $200 and tore it apart and cleaned it up (was hoping it would function after I put it back together!)

It was a joy to shoot... Shoulders nicely and the double bead along the top rib is helpful. It doesn't cycle particularly fast... But fast enough.

The new 20 ga. o/u CZ Drake I bought two months ago is also good shooter

It does not reset to safe each time it breaks open (good at the trap range) and I can select which barrel to fire first (it's a single trigger shotgun)

I ran through about 65 rds on each gun

I used to be able to break between 17-21 clays of 25 regularly... But not anymore

I'm old, slow, and have poor eyes

Still... The aroma therapy does wonders for my attitude!

At our club we set up the trap house and wireless callers oursleves... Which means we can shoot just about any time we wish

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