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Stories From The OC Register Headlines I Can'r Wait to Read

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During my 4 mile, 1 hour, 20 minute morning walk, I spied the following story headlines from the Orange County Register lying in folks driveways. I need to read these bar-burner stories.

"Orange Allowed to Regulate Sober Houses" - This should make "neighborhoods" happy. A lot of insurance scams associated with the "sober-living" businesses here in all parts of Kalifornia. Insurance runs out, "Hello and welcome, new homeless person".

"1 of 5 Orange County Teens Contemplates Suicide" - This is newsworthy? Teenage angst, anxiety and disappointment? Run snowflake! Run! Shelter into your "safe-space" while mummy & duddy hover overhead! Flee to your safe-space quick, like the wind. Like a bunny, at least.

"Trump May Have Mentioned Biden During Talks With Russians" - When will it end, o' lord, when will it end.

Think I'll have lunch first.
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Curious, was there anything in there about Trump breaking wind in the Oval Office and being impreached for violating the clean air act?:cornut:
There wuz probably a headline noting that story, down below the fold. If so, I missed it.
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