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The Stevens (Savaga) model 86C is bolt action, tube feed, .22 S-L-LR. It was made in Chicopee MA, so I understand that means pre-1960.
My questions are:

1) I read about the date code system for Stevens. Should this model have the date-letter marking? The only marks I can find are an "8", and something that is like an angular hour-glass shape. Both are on the barrel just in front of the receiver. Would the hour-glass be a proof mark?
2) On the bottom of the receiver, the shell-lifter mechanism is attached with 2 screws. The tips of these screws protrude inside the receiver a bit. If one of them is tightened down, it interferes with the bolt, so I have to leave it about 1/2 turn loose. Is there anything 'normal' about this? Perhaps there is supposed to be a washer under the screw head?
3) What type of wood is the stock likely to be? It's a light-colored wood, with a medium-brown varnish. The varnish job is a bit blotchy, so I'd like to refinish it.

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