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Is there any truth to the rumors about steel jacketed or steel cased ammo, or is that just the industry steering us toward the more expensive stuff? These rumors would include, but aren't limited to:

  • Steel jacketed bullets can spark and cause a fire
  • Steel grinds against the chamber and is bad for some extractors.
  • The lacquer coating will cook onto the inside of the chamber and cause more fouling

Ammo is starting to put a strain on my wallet, and I don't have the space or know-how to start reloading. I have found some range-safe Tula on SGAmmo, which I suppose helps.

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Well i had some trouble with steel case ammo not ejecting in some of my semi-autos. And with my revolvers it getting stuck in the cylinder. On the other end my Mosin Nagant loves tula ammo. Its dead on with it. And i have no problems with it ejecting spent rounds.

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Mild steel cased ammunition exhibits extraction problems when used in weapons with non-chrome lined chambers.
When placed in a chamber and fired, brass cases violently expand, fill the chamber and then contract slightly. Mild steel cases do not contract making the extractor work harder. Laquer has been applied to steel cases to alleviate this problem. It worked but the laquer tended to melt in the chamber... causing both feeding and extraction problems. Powder coating the steel cases works rather well. Chrome lined chambers solve the problem and all ComBloc weapons (except Yugos) have chromed lined chambers.

Of course mild steel gilding material will wear barrels faster than 'traditional' gilding material. Its harder. The question is: How much faster? Chrome lined barrels solve this problem.

Sparking and causing fires? Only seen it happen once. At an informal outdoor range.
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