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On August 26, 2016, Marine Raider and canine handler Staff Sergeant Patrick Maloney stood tall in the exposed bed of a pickup truck, returning fire with a heavy machine gun as ISIS fighters pinned down his reconnaissance team. Twice the Peshmerga machine gun malfunctioned while he fired. Both times, he calmly remained in his exposed position, performed remedial action as rounds kicked up dirt arou
nd him, and resumed firing. His actions allowed his teammates to return to covered positions and forced the withdraw of the enemy fighters.

Serving with the warriors of 2nd Marine Raider Battalion, this was Maloney’s 5th deployment. Four months later in December 2016, Maloney suffered a severe head wound and returned to the states for his recovery. Over a year later, for his unselfish initiative and boldness, SSgt Maloney was awarded a Bronze Star with “V”.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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