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I had an opportunity to examine one of these new pistols yesterday. I have to admit, overall it is a nice pistol. They did not have the OSP version. I was not able to try the gun, but here are a few observations. I am comparing to the P365 because I own one and the Hellcat is obviously contending for that market.

It feels good in the hand. Nice comfortable grip. The 13 rd magazine gave a complete grip, whereas the 11 rd left my pinky looking for grip. The LGS I was visiting did not have the extension on the smaller mag, but it might be better with that installed. I have average size hands, it felt like I had less grip compared to my P365.

The configuration of the gun has the barrel a little higher above your hand than the P365. This might contribute to felt recoil, but not being able to shoot it, I am just going on feel and height.

I was surprised to find that I did not find the sights as like able as I thought they might be. Could be it might take some getting used to them. But, again, I did not have the benefit of shooting it.

The slide is fairly easy to rack.

The trigger feels better (wide& flat) compared to P365. The only safety on this is the trigger blade. The trigger pull is a little heavier and slightly gritty as compared to the P365. I suspect the grit might smooth out quickly with a good clean and lube and, more importantly, shooting it some.

Mags drop easily and the mag release is a little easier to operate than the P365. Mags appear to be top notch.

My thought now is to see how they hold up in use after 6 months to a year. Maybe we will begin to see how reliable the pistol is.

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Nice write up. I also checked one out. Neighbor has the P365 so I’ve managed to handle both. As far as how it feels in the hand, I’ll give that one to the P365. The grip on the Hellcat did not agree with my hand. The grip was very square and awkward on the Hellcat, no doubt due to the effort to make it as small as possible. A little ergonomics (more specifically curvature in the palm) would go a long way at the $499 price mark.
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