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Springfield HellCat vs Colt Definder

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I'm in the market for a new 9mm. I realize Hellcat is not released yet, bu based on reviews I have seen, I am very interested, However, I am also leaning on the Colt Defender. With the Red Dot they are both on the same price point. I just looking for a little input on which would be a better buy. I am not going to CC with it, I am a Range Safety Officer and this will be my carry gun when on duty. I am really turn between the two. I like the Red Dot option on the Hellcat but love the 1911 configuration of the Defender. Any and all input will be appreciated. Thanks Ed
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i am a bit shy to be a beta tester on a new production gun........

many pre-production guns get out and get tested but they may have a bit closer eye on them when they leave the factory compared to standard production line in full swing.....
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Yes I though of that. Thanks for the reply.
I agree with deputy. Possibly the Springfield Range Officer Compact is worthy of a look.
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Just for discussions sake...
Yes that Hellcat looks interesting. They're doing a good job of advertising it.
1911's are always liked.
Guessing you're wanting another semi-auto?
You're already on 9mm. Not wanting another caliber?
Ever give an LCR a thought? Great carry gun. It's light. Also... those who really know what they're doing. They'll know you do. You ain't gonna spray with an LCR. Don't need no red dot sight. Heck... I can hit what I'm aiming at while holding the thing to the side and my wrist cocked. It just shoots where you aim. No foolin' around. Give one a try. Think you'll be surprised. I was. Never was into snub nose revolvers. But... You can get it in 9mm also.
Why would you want a compact if you're not going to CC?
Refuse to be a 'beta tester' on your dime.
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Thank for the reply guys, I'm looking for a open carry not cc; At my age (66) with my glasses off I have trouble focusing on the sights but can see the target clearly, with my glasses on, I can see the sights,but the target in blurry, That's way I leaning on the red dot. I shot someone else's with a red dot on it and I had no trouble at all. So that 's why i am leaning on the red dot. If I can find something in a 3" or 4" 1911 with a red dot I would be set. Any recommendations?

Also, I seeing y'all's point about the "beta tester" on a brand new offering without some sort of tract record. Can't beat 1911's
Crimson Trace offers laser grips for most all 1911 pistols.
How good would the Crimson Trace be in daylight conditions?
About 15 - 20 feet.
IMO the two pistols are not comparable. A plastic striker fired pistol and a 1911 variant are apples to oranges. They are both fruits but the similarities stop there.
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