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Let me preface this by saying Ballester Molina pistols were/are a horrible Argentine
copy of the 1911.

Here's a Ballester Molina link:

Was Graff Spee steel being used in some Ballester Molina pistols?

Seems so, at least according to one gun writer who is about to publish a book.

He traveled to Uruguay and talked to the people in a town close to the location where the Graf Spee sank. Uruguay had the exploitation rights over the ship.

Not only did he talk to people from a hotel and boat rental company who clearly remember HAFDASA’s engineer Carlos Ballester Molina ( member of both the Ballester and Molina families) but he also talked to people that worked in the crew that extracted the metal planks from the ship for the British.

Even though the building manuals at HAFDASA state a commercial steel being used, steel was scarce during those times and the British paid for a portion of their 10.000 .45 pistols, not with American steel as it is believed, but with steel salvaged from the Graff Spee, after Carlos Ballester Molina verified the quality of the steel himself.

It’s all very interesting, read the article in “Magnum” , local gun rag with pretty good data on historical firearms.

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Now that's interesting. I remember seeing the old movie about the Graf Spee...I had one of those old pistols years ago, they were heavy, prone to jamming and lots of toolmarks.

Personally I think the steel from the WTCs should have been resmelted and used to make 500 pound bombs.
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