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First it would help to know what action you are going to want to use as your base, i.e Remington, Savage, Winchester, or Custom Action.

Are you wanting to have one built or are you content in a factory rifle that has a more tactical feel to it? The factory rifle is going to be the cheaper route but it will not be nearly as accurate as the custom built rifle.

There are some down falls to a modular stock. The Modular stocks have a tendency to be lighter, noisier, more vibration, tend to hang up when in the woods due to their sharp edges. Even though they are an accurate system they are not as accurate as the traditional A5 Mcmillian, A4 Mcmillian, Manners T4, HS-Precision, AI, or Bell and carlson.

You first need to start with a stable platform. By that I mean a well trued action, good solid bedding job,rigid stock, tuned trigger.

As far as the 308 being your daddy's rifle. You need to take a closer look at just what the 308 is capable of. I have a M40A5 308 and it is definitely not your daddy's rifle. The longest recorded kill for the 308 is just over 7/10 of a mile and was shot by an 1rst Sergeant James Gilliland in Ramadi Iraq at 1312 yards.
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