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This is an interesting revolver that has had a long life and is still selling. Its not pretty but it does have a dual purpose.

You can hide it in a jacket or pants pocket and not have to worry about the hammer snagging on your coat or pants when pulling the revolver when needed.

There is a hidden hammer that can be activated if you choose for target work or a more controled fire.

I like mine and I use it as my carry gun from time to time. Mine is a lightweight frame and I use the Federal Nyclad ammo with a lightweight bullet for better expansion out of the short barrel. They also make it in a stainless steel version in 357 mag for folks who want a little more power on tap!

Have any members of the forum had a chance to check out this old classic??


My History with a S&W Model 38

I have an old Smith & Wesson Model 38 (no dash) Bodyguard Airweight, serial number 36XXX. The Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson, 3rd Edition, indicates it was born about 1954. I purchased it on or about 1970 when the State Police sold them off as surplus.

I sent it to S&W in Springfield MA for a factory re-blue but despite only limited and careful use, upon its return to me it almost immediately began to rust. To make a long story short, in order to solve the rusting problem, I sent it to Birdsong for the Black-T finish about 1997 and, for some good reason I'm now unable to remember, I had it converted to DAO and installed the modern style cylinder thumb piece. I topped everything off by also adding a red insert to the front sight blade.

During the time I've owned it, as my whim struck me, I've alternately dressed it with the Tyler-T grip adapter in combination with the original wood panels, Barami Hip Grips, custom Boot Grips by Craig Spegal and early version Crimson Trace Laser grips. Currently, however, as it's long been relegated to only third-string duty as one of my pocket holster CCW pieces, it's just sporting the same rubber Uncle Mike's boot grips that the factory now provides.

As recently as last Thursday, I ran a cylinder full of Speer 135 grain Gold Dot +P through it for old times' sake and it performed like a true champ.
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