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Silly township ordinance.

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The other day when i was out shooting at the one bush spot. A fellow came back and said we can't shoot anymore there. And there was a cop on the way in but he turned around and left. Guess he got a call. I stopped at the PD today and asked about it. They said yes Reading anthracite don't want anyone back there anymore because of dumping. And shooting in the township there is an ordinance against it. I said do you mean near town? On account of houses. He said no anywhere in the township. I asked about hunting in the mountain. He said well....let me look. Here the ordinance is for air guns. He said go on the mountain and practice lol.
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We have a no discharge ordinance in my town. They do allow hunting though and my dad shoots every groundhog that’s stupid enough to walk on to his lawn. He has 5 acres and there’s 22 more behind him that the town owns. I’ve never heard of homeowners getting into trouble but it’s there when the town needs it like if some city yahoo decides to trespass during hunting season or someone decides to get some practice in some wooded area.
The air gun thing is probably on account of kids breaking windows. No one has been cited for shooting rats with pellet guns that i know of.
My takeaway from all this is some judge who would hold you responsible, because "ignorance of the law is no excuse" would be perfectly willing to overlook the fact that the LE PROFESSIONALs in the area can't even clearly dictate the law TO you...
Yeah i got him thinking when i bought up hunting. My next question was going to be about the off duty officers who shoot at one of the other spots on the mountain. But it didn't need to go that far,
Don't take is word for it. Get a copy of the ordinance.
I kinda knew that spot was going to be taken away. Between the littering and the bad elements that have been coming in the area doing there dealings back there. Another spot was closed down via the coal mine blocking the trails in with big piles. Same thing with trash dumping. This is one of the reasons i joined the gun clubs. Elysburg the rifle and pistol range is hard to get on most of the summer though with all the shotgun events. Zerby the range has been in disrepair because of all the rain. They cant get the equipment in to work on it. At least they are working on a new pistol range on a dryer side of the club grounds. Just it's moving at a snails pace. The ordnance im not really worried about. Just thought it was silly not to include bullets. The bush spots we are technically trespassing. The police don't do anything unless there is a complaint. One area i do have the green light from the owner,
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