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Sig has jumped on the bandwagon and is now producing their anti-snag pistols in P229 and P39 SAS. Both in 40S&W out of the custom shop. The have siglite night sights and light weight alloy frames. Blue frame and stainless slide, with wood grips. Very attractive looking.

Have you seen them in the gun shops or at the shows?

I do see Kimber Custom Shop pistols all the time but not Sig!

I've owned a Sig P229 SAS since last August and have had three extractors snap at the range. I own a P229R and a P250 as well that haven't had anywhere near the 4000 rounds put through them as the SAS has, so I haven't figured out if this is unique to this particular hangun or is inherent to all P229's in 40S&W.
By the way Sig feels that just replacing the extractor is a good enough solution, as they said "we'll ship you new extrator or you can ship us the weapon again for us to fix". Lousy service from a reputable manufacturer, I won't ever carry mine again.
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