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dogsoldier said:
Baldy pretty much nailed it. Let her pick her first gun. Before we got married, my wife was deathly afraid of guns. When we first married, I only had two guns, my hunting rifle and a SW Model 19 with the 2.5" barrel. So my wife learned to shoot with a 357Mag. Now she can handle every thing and is afraid of nothing. She carries a Browning BDM everywhere she goes. The BDM use to be mine. But she decided it was hers. :D

If anyone thinks it is great to have a gun nut for a wilfe, it isn't. She steals all my firearms. My AR15 20" HERS!, all 5 of the 1911's HERS! I may as well say, all the pistols except the Berettas (too big for her hands). I built a 16" AR carbine, she snarfed that one as soon as saw it. Her side of the gun safe keeps getting fuller, mine keeps getting thinner. She "lets" me have the shotguns and the Garand. The M1 is too heavy for her, but she was asking about dropping it into a synthetic stock.
I think your wife and mine went to different schools together! I mean, hey, it's really nice and I know I'm blessed to NOT have to beg, bribe, or lurk about to get a new gun for me. BUT, Jeez, they often don't stay "mine" very long. If she was on this forum (which she might be...I better be careful...) her signature would be, "You're married...You Own NOTHING!!
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