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SheNine said:
Reloadingsmith said:
Letting a women go to the range and rent a gun that she feels comfortable and feels she is accurate with is always a good option. Men please dont pick your wifey's guns. Thats like you hating a glock and she saying well they are the best use it anyway. Always good to let them decided.
Absolutely great advice!! My husband would never have chosen the right gun for me. I went to many gun shows and gun shops to get the feel before I decided on what that was just right for me. It's all about how it feels in the hand. My experience has been (and this applies to ladies) that if it feels good in the hand, not too big or bulky, then one is better prepared to handle perceived recoil. Personally I prefer a 9mm (hence the username), but I'm quite comfortable with a .40 and .45 AS LONG AS IT FITS IN MY HAND!!!

My point being: Let her choose. She will be more inclined to enjoy her shooting experience, and you'll get to enjoy the residual benefits!!! ;)
Well I did let my wife choose what size backstrap she liked on the S & W M&P I bought her. :D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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