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I liked mine for a while. I had lots of Fiocchi .22 ammo and the Sig shot reliably with that. Every other brand I tried since...A jam every two mags, at least! Most ammo is not strong enough to cycle the slide. I was OK with that, since I use Fiocchi in most calibers anyway. But recently the gun started to have jams even with that ammo. And not just the slide not going back far enough. Oftentimes the empty shell will stick in the chamber and won't go out without pushing it from the muzzle with a cleaning rod or something similar. Needless to say, I do not like my Mosquito anymore. And I now know what everybody was talking about :D

It also ran (notice the use of past tense? ;) ) fine with CCI Stingers and Mini-mags, having the stronger recoil spring installed. There are 2: one for standard velocity ammo and one for high-velocity. But that system is flawed somehow :mrgreen:

Entreri gave an accurate account of the little pistol.
I have to clean mine after every use, I use Breakfree to lube it and I shoot Stingers. Even then I occasionally have a jam.
Fun to shoot but I'll never bet my life on it.
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