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This is without a doubt the safest shotgun locking system out there. It fully encloses the weapon in a heavy steel case to be instantly released by a solenoid locking/unlocking mechanism. The original intention was for it to withstand an accidental discharge without being dangerous to the driver while still remaining accessible to the officer and theft proof. They were produced for the North Carolina Highway Patrol some years ago and were attached to the barricade behind the officer. They can be mounted to any flat surface or tube roll bars with “U” bolts. I have used them on Jeep roll bars many times. It is activated by a SPST momentary contact switch that can be mounted anywhere. In the patrol cars it was out of sight on the panel under the steering wheel. They operate on either 12 or 24 volt DC current.Wiring is a breeze. Dimensions are 31.25X5X3

They were manufactured by Sirchie Laboratories especially for the NCHP. These are the only locks of this kind that I have ever seen. So when they're gone, they're gone. I purchased them from the State and sell them “AS IS” .They are however tested for function and fully operable. I will include a BRAND NEW switch and a wiring diagram. They are great for a travel trailer or motor home, as well as for placement behind the seat of a truck or of course in a patrol car. Check your local laws as it may keep you legal in some states. Shotgun can be any gauge. I have around 30 of these. Color may vary. Most are black or silver (our official NCHP colors). The original cost to the state was over a $125.00 a unit
$60.00 Shipped
I prefer not to use anti-gun PayPal, so a check or money order would be better.
Please allow about 2 - 3 weeks for delivery (It rarely takes that long)

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