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I was bored the other day and decided to try out this camo tape i have had for a while. Im new at it and learned some things in the process. Im excited to try it again and really get it Tits MaGee.... check it out.

I laid the tape around the chamber horizontal first, making sure to cut out as least as possible, so it would cover everything. The horizontal tape was over measured to partially go on to the stock and barrel, that way when i started the wrap - the ends of the tape would be taped down and will stay put. (hard to explain)

the barrel was easy, but i now regret not taking a little more time to get it jussst perfect.

The stock is the hardest part for me because the tape wont lay perfect without a wrinkle at some point. gotta work on that.

heres some pics. (kinda crappy pics but you get the idea)


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