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It's been a while and had a little bit of time so went to the range with the new MP 9mm EZ; after a cleaning and light lube. Only packed one box of ammo (thought I had 2) and tried it out. First impression is very nice but I need practice with it and 50 rounds was not enough.

I'll need to get used to the grip safety, it is definitely not the same as my old XDm 9mm. On the XDM, the grip safety was smooth but on the EZ you know it is there and you must make an effort to make sure you have a good grip. Maybe it will ease up after more rounds.

Accuracy? I need more practice. That does not mean I don't hit my target, it just means I need to get to know this gun a bit better. I am actually more accurate with my LCPII, not my much though. The recoil was good. I used some cheap 115grain (Remmington UMC). I ordered some 124 and 147 gr to see if there is an accuracy/recoil improvement.

Racking is of course "EZ", very nice.

First outing with only 50 rounds - I'm happy.

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My shortest ranges visit(s) were 6 rounds
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